I received a severe closed head injury causing 27 years of amnesia and my left side to be paralyzed for a few weeks.  I'd gotten a brain stem bruise too (requiring full life support for a few weeks).  I was comatose for about two weeks.  I couldn't walk, talk, eat, or do much of anything.  I'd picked up a major staph infection during my care and was put in isolation for the rest of my stay.  Hence, I was denied any formal therapy in a rehab hospital.

A hole was drilled in my skull to vent the excess pressure.  My brain was swelling after being knocked around so much in the collision.  I've been through a tremendous amount of therapy to get to where I am now.  I've  earned a degree in electronics from HCCS since that accident.  I've had to rebuild my life and am doing quite well now.

This web site shows you a little bit of it...

This was my 'external fixator' to get my 
open compound fracture to heal

A clearer view of my skin graft and the 8 pins
into my tibia and fibula.  This took 8 hours
in surgery.

A lot of hardware, eh?

After my leg was wrapped into
a fiberglass cast